Printable Crochet WIP {Work In Progress} Cheat Sheet!

Printable Crochet WIP {Work In Progress} Cheat Sheet!

As many of you probably do, I often find myself starting new crochet projects before I have completed the one I’m working on. These projects are commonly referred to as WIP’s (work in progress). Often, I will be scrolling through Pinterest and find something I JUST HAVE TO MAKE. RIGHT. NOW. (Especially if I have the yarn for it in my stash 😉 ). I also, often, forget a few things about the project I was in the middle of. That is exactly how this printable came to be.

Don’t lose tract of your progress on a project again!

This work in progress is great to keep with your project so you know exactly where you left off, plus who doesn’t love bright, happy colors! I’ve found having this little sheet helps me stay on track & makes my life much easier when i return to past projects!


Download your WIP Cheat Sheet by clicking the image below! 

WIP Cheat Sheet




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